Friday, June 14, 2013

Have A Marriage Vs. Write About A Marriage

First, we'd like to announce something very special. Something that took six years of infertility, loads of prayer, being blessed with her big brother through foster care and now through adoption, and finally arrived as a total miracle after giving up on biological children...

Miss Nora Eve Kircher arrived June 5, 2013 at 1:35 in the afternoon and weighed 6lb 12oz. She is sleeping and eating like a champ and her big brother (who is now only weeks away from being legally ours!!) loves to give her kisses and hugs. Thanks for all your prayers and support through our less-than-normal family building process. God is good! He frustrates the living crap outta me with his timing, but he is good and in the end I usually agree that his plans were best...usually.

So now that there is a newborn in the house as well as an incredibly active sixteen-month-old, life is a wee bit insane! And on top of that Jake and I keep being offered great writing opportunities.

I'm not gonna lie, we usually fight about them. :) Jake would like to say yes to every single one, while I lean towards saying no to quite a few. I have a low craziness threshold and tend to shall we say "lose my shit" when things get too piled up. We had a minor tiff the other day regarding a writing gig and I had my own little epiphany.

I realized that it is totally impossible to write about marriage unless you take the time to have one.

You can be passionate about something, in our case letting other couples know that they're not alone in struggling through the ups and downs of marriage, but not make time for it. So, as Jake and I figure out what life looks like with two kids under 2, full-time ministry work, my fiction writing, our marriage blog, magazine writing, and other awesome opportunities...we will need to be extra careful to carve out time for ourselves. There's nothing to be gained by letting our relationship slide for the sake of busyness...not even for kiddos. Our marriage needs to come first! We're working on it...and will continue to let you know how it goes along the way!


  1. This is my first time reading your blog, and I'm blown away by your realness. Thank you for loving Christ, embracing His sanctification, but being REAL. Life is hard. Marriage is hard. Following Christ is hard. You were such an encouragement.

  2. Hi Jessi,

    Thanks for your message! We appreciate the encouragement as well!!

    Jake and Melissa


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