Friday, April 26, 2013

One Couple. Two Callings. What Now?

We'ze on the covah yo! May/June print issue. Also available online.

Melissa says, "I really like myself with brown hair and actually visible eyebrows. Glad they didn't put a blond on there because then people would think I was all perfect and Christian and stuff. (IfyaknowwhatImean....)"

If you have a digital or hard copy subscription to Relevant Magazine, be sure to check out the article. It's about calling and how to work different callings out within a marriage or relationship.

You can read the full article (plus four others from the magazine) online if you register an account or get unlimited access for a small fee.

Also a big thanks to everyone who bought a copy of our book during the one day sale! We appreciate the support and hope the book helps in whatever way it's meant to for you and your marriage. The publisher sold 300 copies in just one day! Muchos Gracias!

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