Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Understanding What You're Worth

We just had a new article go up on that deals with navigating the pressures of marital finances and youth ministry. You can check it out here if you are interested:

Jake and Melissa

Thursday, December 15, 2011


So I was scrolling through Facebook the other day. Facebook is a great procrastination tool. It's mind-numbing to take a quick look at the status feed and see what people are up to isn't it?

There is a lot of Christmas shopping and preparation going on, per usual. But one FB post in particular caught my eye. A group of people I went to high school with posted pictures of themselves gathering for something called "Thanksmas." I don't know exactly what Thanksmas is for them, but the pictures showed the group holding hands, heads seemingly bent in prayer.

"How awesome is that?!" I thought. People this time of year tend to glaze over Thanksgiving in favor of Black Friday and Cyber Monday craziness. In fact, November and December seem to ever increasingly glide by in a haze of desire and materialism.

Christmas seems to bring out the "I want" in most of us. Giving gifts isn't bad at all, but we should be giving gifts with a thankful heart. We celebrate Christmas because of the incredible gift of eternal life that Jesus has given to us.

I love the idea of having a Thanksmas, where instead of focusing on all the things we want, we share with joy all the things we have already been given. It's a challenge for me to find contentment with many situations in my life, especially during the holidays. Everyone else always seems to have more money, more status, more success and just a seemingly more wonderful life than my own. But if I truly entered into the spirit of Christmas, I would realize all the amazing things I can be thankful for.

I really am blessed on so many levels and that is what Christmas should be about. So....

Merry Thanksmas everyone!!
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