Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How to Untangle a Knot

Perhaps some conflicts that marriages encounter are like knots in a rope. It never helps to get impatient and pull on the rope. This only knots things tighter and makes one's job of untangling much harder. The best way to get out a knot is to stop pulling and gently work at the knot, slowly unwinding one cord at a time. Then the knot is free!

When challenges in marriage appear like a spouse losing a job, or dealing with ADD, or confronting an issue that seems unsolvable; it can seem like a huge knot. You want it to be untangled as fast as possible (because knots are annoying) so you start pulling and getting impatient and getting even more tangled up. I'm finding that when I can step back, take a breath and gather up some patience, I can start seeing the places where I can untangle the knot a little here.....then a little there....then a little more over there.

Time and patience are so very key in marriage. As much as we'd all love to simply pull at the knot have have it *snap* disappear, it usually takes both spouses calming down and slowly working through issues together to reach a resolution and accepting however long that takes.

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  1. I can't be more agree. Sometimes when we get impatient and lose our tempers, everything gets even more complicated. The only problem is, not everyone can step back and gather up their patience, which only leads to the problem getting harder to solve.



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