Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tips for Understanding Men

Sometimes I'm kind of like a relationship hermaphrodite. I'm a woman, but a lot of times I think like a man. It's sort of weird.

Don't get me wrong, I love chocolate, clothes, and chick flicks.....but here are some tips for you ladies...from a lady...about thinkin' like a man.

Number 1) Sometimes women talk to much. Yep. I said it. The sheer quantity of words can be so overwhelming. It's like an avalanche of words hitting my brain and my brain's only option is to allow itself to be buried alive, dig out a small air hole, and hope to live through it. I seriously think men do care about listening, but perhaps maybe we as women should edit. Less words, summarize, don't over explain. You might get a man that listens more, if you talk less.

2) If there was something interesting in my day I will most assuredly tell my spouse about it. If my day was pretty normal or bad...I will either say "fine" or "bad" to the question "How was your day?". Jake likes to talk through his day each moment by each moment. I would rather boil myself alive. Ladies, really don't take it personally. I hear that many men need alone time to regather themselves at the end of the work day. I need that too and Jake usually doesn't take it personally. If I've had some time to myself I am also more likely to listen about Jake's day...rather than glaze over and check out. And that's not nice to do.

3) Men's brains are usually like boxes. They think about the stuff in one box, then when they are done, they think about the stuff in another box. Women's brains are usually like spaghetti...everything is all linked together and thought about in a constant stream of processing. When men and women are logically going from one box to the next....while women are connecting emotions, past actions, thoughts from the newspaper they read today, that comment you made about her hair last week, ect. This is also a woman....but not to a man. If you want a man to understand all the different things that your brain can connect in a millisecond (which his brain cannot put together that fast... usually), you need to try and explain....and then let the man have a minute or twenty minutes to process it all, make sense of it in his head, and then get back to you.

Hope the tips help!


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