Friday, March 26, 2010

Funny Moments

In marriage there are times where life is just goofy and funny and weird. One such moment for us was last night. Jake and I were both in bed but not quite tired enough to go to sleep. Sometimes this produces weird moods in us. Jake started singing in falsetto purely to annoy me. And yes it did annoy me, not because he's totally odd sometimes but because even in falsetto the man still sings better than me! One of my unattainable life goals is to sing well.

So while Jake is singing in falsetto I start trying to talk to him about how in Jesus' day everyone lived in intense community. And I was wondering if God made introverts, then what did the introverts do in Jesus' time? I guessed they were the shepherds. Then I got to thinking out loud what a raw deal that was....because everyone knows they shepherds were out in the fields with the sheep all alone for a long long time. So then I was trying to convince Jake, still singing in falsetto, that it was simply unfair for the introverts to have to be the shepherds. As he did not listen and continued singing I yelled, "I miss Jill!! She would talk with me about the sheep and the shepherds!!!" Jill was my college roommate and we would often stay up late talking about weird things.

Then we both laughed at each other and went to sleep. I don't remember my dreams...but they must have been weird.

Marriage is really fun sometimes :)

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