Sunday, February 28, 2010

Changing it Up

On a lighter note for the end of the month!

This year when Feb. hit Jake asked me what I was thinking for Valentine's Day. I don't tend to remember any dates and therefore had forgotten about Valentine's Day. So I had no suggestions.

Jake suggested that since he has planned romantic things for V-Day ever since we have been together, that perhaps this year I plan something for him. Hmmm.....Normally I would say "No way! Valentine's Day is for the ladies! We neeeeeed romance. It's like the air we breathe."

However, this was not a normal year I guess and so I agreed. I named it "Man Day" in my head. I cooked a dinner that Jake told me he wanted, I bought him a gift, baked a chocolate chip cookie cake, and did anything else he suggested we do.....wink!

You know what? It was fun! I actually really enjoyed doing a Valentine's Day just for him and not expecting anything for myself. It was good for me because I forget guys need romance too. I guess for them it's not quite the same...but it's doing stuff that pays attention to them and shows them they are special. I'm glad I said yes to the "Man Day" this year.

Jake suggested we switch off every year planning Valentine's Day from now on....I told him that the current 8 years him to 1 year me ratio was probably more realistic!

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  1. What do you mean "anything else he suggested we do"?


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