Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Have Fun, Now!!

I don't know about the rest of ya'll but I like to get things done. I make to do lists all the time. It is so satisfying. I will even add things to my lists that I have already done, just to be able to check another thing off. Productivity is something our culture places an extremely high emphasis on.

This weekend I did a lot of nothing with Jake. A lot of TV watching, mostly SNL re-runs so it was not even quality programming. A lot of sitting and cuddling. I can't tell you how many times I was literally physically itching to get up and get something done. Anything. Anything at all. Melissa, just do something dammit! Then I started feeling guilty. I imagined all the work I could be doing. I was really feeling guilty about all the productive things that I could have been doing.

Then I was thinking about one of the books I have been reading. It's called "A Brief History of the Future" and it's predictions about what our world will be like in 2030 based on trends, data, current statistics and so forth that historians have studied in our past and present. One of the things these historians predicted in 2030 is a huge decline in marriage and stable home life. As more and more of us have grown up, or will grow up, in households with divorce; the trend will become non-commitment in relationships. Lifestyles will be more transient..based on travel demands for work and commuting time. Relationships are predicted to fall by the wayside...even birth rates are expected to suffer because of the lack of sustainable relationship and family ties.

So perhaps doing nothing with our spouses is actually investing in crucial relationship building time? Perhaps by having fun together we are all changing the course of our culture and future?
I think so. As I have let these thoughts simmer a bit, I now see how important times of relaxation are to maintaining a marriage. It's wicked important to have fun!

I challenge you all to take more time this week with your spouse. Go out. Go for a walk. Watch Desperate Housewives...whatever. Invest in relationships that will last and really effect change on our lives and the lives of future generations.

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  1. I love having fun with Rob....when I can stop feeling guilty about all the other productive things I'm not doing! Thanks for the encouragment and prospective!


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