Monday, June 22, 2009

Change is in the Air

Hey everyone,

We have just signed with Living Word Literary Agency this past week and have begun working with one of their agents to publish a book on marriage that is along the same lines of our blog. We are really excited!!!

Our agent had some great advice on how to reach more people with what we feel God has placed on our hearts about marriage and part of that was changing our title to help draw in more people. Thus, our new title (and Facebook group title and blog title) is The Holymess of Marriage.

Nothing will be changing as far as the content we have been blogging about, we promise!

Two helps we'd love from you all if you don't mind:

1) If you have any topics or issues that you'd love to read about, please let us know!! PLEASE!

2) If you wouldn't mind helping to spread the word about our blog to friends and family, we'd greatly appreciate that. The blog world and Facebook are both things that publishers will sit up and take notice of today.

Thanks so much! We're excited for more great stuff to come.

Jake and Melissa

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Our goal of this blog is to share stories (both good and bad), thoughts and insights about our marriage and we would love for you to jump into the conversation.

The goal is to provide three things:
1) HOPE for struggling couples that they are not alone.
2) GROWTH in our marriages and our understanding of marriage.
3) ENCOURAGEMENT to keep loving your spouse unconditionally.